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Understanding the 2017 Bazi Chinese Astrology Course

Understanding the 2017 Bazi Chinese Astrology Course

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  • Bazi Report:With the purchase of this course, we will provide you with your 2017 Bazi Report. Please provide your birth data below if you do not have a Natal Bazi Chart prepared by us.

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Bazi, so called Chinese Astrology, claims to reveal the forces that are available at any given moment at a specific place. From this it explains a person’s personality, character and changes in life events, and provides instructions for balancing and vitalizing these forces for the attainment of success and well being. 2017 is the year of the Yin Fire Rooster, which according to Taoist tradition, provides extra energy to the faculties that governs linear logic and attention to details (yin fire), and categorizing, and generating order (Rooster/Xin Metal). As each of the 5 elements of Taoist Life science governs different areas of life in each person, the yearly changes of energies manifest changes in a person’s life. This course will give you the tools for enhancing your understanding of your 2017 Bazi report, the life areas energized by the yin fire and rooster, and their impact on the other areas of life. You will learn to vitalize and balance your life force energies through acupressure, healing sounds meditation, virtues meditation, qi gong, aromatherapy, flower essences, and how to seek assistance from certified practitioners of Chinese Medicine. The cost of this course, $60, includes a Bazi chart if you do not have one prepared by us and the 2017 Bazi Report. Note that the online course consists of five classes, and live webinars that will give you a better understanding of how to apply Bazi to your life than you could get from a consultation with an expert. Compare the cost-- $40 for the course versus $150 to $500 from an expert.

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