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UA AB Volume I
UA AB Volume I

UA AB Volume I

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Your brain is your greatest physical asset. It is the chief determinant of your health, vitality, earning power, educational performance, sports and artistic performances, relationships -- all areas of life. Yet, due to the failure of the educational system, most people have not been taught how to take care of the health of the brain. In fact, the educational system has been an accomplice in the perpetration of the ways in which the brain is damaged. They have done this by their misunderstanding of how intoxicants, and poor diet damage the brain, but most of all, of the role of the injurious effect of stress, not only to the general health, but to the brain. Ua Ab, Volume 1: Heal and Enhance Your Brain with Kamitic Meditation by Ra Un Nefer Amen, author of the Metu Neter series, reveals the scientific data that shows how meditation heals the brain, backing up the thousands of years claim by the Ancients regarding the benefits of meditation. The guided meditation CD part of this work will set you on your way to the awakening of your intellectual prowess, healing of your brain and body, and achieving success in your endeavors.

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