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Relationship Enrichment
Relationship Enrichment

Relationship Enrichment

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By Shekhemt Hetep Hetep Tehut Muem
Have you wondered how it is possible for people that have a good relationship for many years, sometime more than two decades, eventually drift away, on separate vacations and outings, or break up? The answer lies in “emptiness.” The dominant world culture has failed to teach people to identify and cherish the higher values in life, especially the virtues that enrich and give value to relationships. The instructions and guided meditation on this CD will help you to take the first step beyond a relationship that is falsely nourished by good sex, romance, dating and sharing material burdens. Many couples with more than 20 years together can tell you that they have done those things, and yet the marriage remains empty.

Enhancement of the relationship growth process is achieved by the optional use of the Relationship Enrichment essential oil blend. (Sold Separately)

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