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Light On Kundalini Yoga Vol. 1
Light On Kundalini Yoga Vol. 1

Light On Kundalini Yoga Vol. 1

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Kundalini yoga has been lauded as a path to self-knowledge and the attainment of union with God. The realization of these lofty goals have eluded most practitioners of the science. The reason will be found in the fact that there are fourteen chakras and not seven. Some of the seven chakras have been excluded from the popular  accounts claiming they are minor chakras, and others are totally unknown to even experts in yoga. Ra Un Nefer Amen was able to recover the knowledge of these chakras that lay dormant for over 3500 years. By applying the clear instructions for working with these chakras, practitioners will discover for themselves that not only are these chakras not minor, but they are the real spiritual centers that govern spiritual growth, and union with God. You will learn hot the Visarga chakra controls the "homeostasis" and "metabolism" of the spirit, mind, psyche and body; how the Nirvana chakra controls chronological growth and man's evolution and passage from the human state to the divine, and many others. These are conversations that can't even begin with the popular presentation of Kundalini Yoaga and the chakras.

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