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I Ching Praxis I
I Ching Praxis I

I Ching Praxis I

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After 3000 years the I Ching, China's greatest book, was finally introduced to the Western world, but has remained veiled in obscurity because of its perceived cryptic and difficult nature. Not any more! In the I Ching Praxis, Ra Un Nefer Amen clarifies it and shares his insights from teaching it and counseling over the past 40 years, as well as building an international spiritual organization with its assistance. Now you too can enhance your life by receiving infallible answers and guidance to your questions concerning relationships. business, family, legal issues, career, investments, health and so on. You can now put into your hands the key to becoming a spiritual advisor to yourself and others, especially if you are a professional counselor, psychologist, educator, lawyer, etc.

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