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Het Heru Healing Line Dance
Het Heru Healing Line Dance

Het Heru Healing Line Dance

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Dance your way into joy, relaxation and harmony with the Het Heru Healing Line Dance, an invigorating, multi-generational, celebration that promotes wellness by arousing and redirecting the body's chi or life force. Adapted from the Het Heru Healing Dance created by Queen Mother Maasht Amm, a women's wellness advocate with over forty years of experience inhelping women to awaken their healing power. The Het Heru Healing Line Dance blends the concept of wellness with the well-established practice of line-dancing to deliver an enjoyable, convival, non-strenuous workout for women, men, and children of all ages. Evoke the power of self-healing through the inspirational music-- arranged by Ra Un Nefer Amen in collaboration with Queen Mother Maasht Amm's spirited dance movements.

Learn how to generate the joy and relaxation that can help fuel success in your marriage, career, family, relationships, financial pursuits, and many other endeavors. Dance! Celebrate! Enjoy the Het Heru Healing Line Dance.

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