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Healing the Errors of Living
Healing the Errors of Living

Healing the Errors of Living

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Not all behavioral problems originate in our psychological make-up. Many mental and emotional dysfunctions arise from disturbance in our life force (Qi, Kundalini, Ra force, etc.). True to its portrayal as a holistic medical system, Homeopathy shows the relationship between mental, emotional and physical disorders as they arise from the disordered state of the life-force. This is an alternative view to the phychosomatic theory of illness. In this book, Ra Un Nefer Amen teaches you to recognize the effects of the common mistakes we make in life - excessive mental work, excessive sexual indulgence, too much caffeine, sweets, insufficient sleep, etc. - and the characteristic symptoms that act as pointers to the applicable homeopathic medicine. This book is an excellent introduction to homeopathy as well as a valuable guide to professionals in the field. You will learn to safely correct such common problems as emotional instability, concentration difficulties, poor memory, sexual dysfunction, digestive problems, headaches, etc.

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