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Bazi Success Strategies Intensive (2 Day Event)

Bazi Success Strategies Intensive (2 Day Event)

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  • Bring Your 2019 Bazi Report!:To take full advantage of the information provided at this event we advise that you bring your 2019 Bazi Report to the 2-day event.
  • Scroll down for more info!:Look below for the event details.
Join us Saturday, May 25, 2019 and Sunday, May 26, 2019 for a two day Bazi Success Strategies Intensive! We will cover the following topics: fellowship, networking, improving energy for finding a mate, creativity and productivity, wealth, power, amassing resource, and taking advantage of the opportunity of the year.

Time: 1-6pm (Saturday & Sunday)
Place: 305 Remsen Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212
*Bring 2019 Bazi Report to event

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